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If someone has been known to have a criminal record, then that person can face a lot of consequences for the rest of their lifetime. For instance, in terms of renting a place to stay, your landlord would be skeptical of renting out the place to you given your previous criminal record. Even on the job front, you would see that employers would be hesitant in giving you the job despite having all the required skills and meeting all the requirements. While it may seem to be a very devastating situation, there is some good news in there as well. In some of the cases, you will be able to get the criminal record removed or expunged from your record. You will need an Arizona criminal defense lawyer to help with your expungment / Set-Aside.

The Set-Aside refers to the process of sealing conviction and arrest records. In Arizona like almost all of the states in the United States you will be able to find this process being enacted. This is because the state is giving everybody the chance to expunge the convictions and arrests from their records. The state of Arizona has also been found to be no different. Even though the details have been known to vary from one state to another, the basic foundation has been known to remain the same. This means that once your records have been expunged, it would not need to be disclosed to a third party. In terms of the example which was stated in the beginning, it means that you would not have to mention this or disclose any sort of details to your employer or your landlord.

Eligibility for Expungement

The expungement process is basically considered to be some sort of a fresh slate which is being offered to the people. As a result, one of the first tasks that they would have to undertake is to investigate the expungement procedures of the jurisdiction and find a Mesa criminal defense attorney. You can easily start this by checking out the criminal court located in your state, or even the law enforcement agency who was responsible for dealing with your arrest. In addition, there are certain specific questions which would need to be asked regarding the process of expungement and its eligibility. These are listed below:

  • Is a particular offense eligible for expungement?

For instance, you might find that the expungement is only being offered for misdemeanor convictions and arrests and not for the felony convictions.

  • When is a person considered to be eligible for expungement?

In a lot of cases, you might find that expungement would only be available after a person has completed serving their sentence, which also includes any type of probation.

  • What does the process of expungement involve?

The expungement process does not necessarily require you to hire an attorney. In a lot of courts, you will be able to find forms which are quite easy to fill up by yourself.

  • What are the consequences of expungement?

Even after a conviction has been expunged, is there any possibility that it might show up in background search.

Lastly, the Certificate of Innocence is considered to be the most powerful form of expungement. This certificate basically proves that a record should never have existed at all.

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